Hair Transplant Before and After

Adem Havva Hair Clinic, we offer to all our patients the densest and natural result on hair transplantation. Hair transplant before and after photos of Adem&Havva clinic are here.

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The result of this is because we apply the most modern techniques, we use the most precise tools and transplant only hair follicles (and not hairs) that contain 1 – 4 strands, just as it is in your natural donor area. This procedure is difficult and time-consuming for our doctors and their team, but this is the way to achieve the best result of hair transplantation with higher density, absolute natural effect in the hairline and maximum survival of the grafts.

Adem Havva Hair Clinic we every time advise and use the technique that is appropriate for each patient (FUE) to achieve the maximum density and absolute naturalness of the hairline. In many of our clinic cases, this basic hair follicle transplantation techniq (FUE) are combined in one session.

The results and the photos of our patients at Adem Havva Hair Clinic are not limited to simple hair transplantations. Our clinic is one of the few hair transplantation centres in Europe that has hair transplantation results with over 3000FUs mega sessions. At mega sessions, we transplant up to 4000 natural hair follicles in one sitting, and our goal is to achieve the maximum result in density in a single session.

Adem Havva Hair Clinic you can see the results we have achieved in repairs to previous hair transplantations and also scars from older hair transplantations that looked utterly unnatural (“doll hair”).
Before and after hair transplantation results (photos)
Click on the picture you are interested in to see more images of the patient before and after the HT procedure. Hair transplant before and after photos of Adem&Havva clinic are here.

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